What we do

The Institute explores Nature and Human Nature at scales from the well being of a young child to the social formation of our cities to how we plan sustainable and thriving global outcomes for our human enterprises. Because human and all ecological systems include everything and everybody all the time we focus on connecting the dots between sectors.


We help initiate and manage funded community based projects and conduct action research which integrates multiple sectors primarily at local levels.  We host local, regional and international conversations through informal meetings, seminars, conferences, courses and publications.

Some sectors we have linked together:

  • Social psychology

  • Physical and mental health

  • Urban planning, design, craft and technology

  • Culture

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Policy, equity, and economy

  • Community and citizen diplomacy and science


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Robin Freeman

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David Ralston

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Beth Teper 

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Anita Gavini

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Steve Rauh

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Marquita Price


Honomi Ijima


Erica Mitchell

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Karen Palacios

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Rocio Marisol

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Criselda Cruz

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To-Minh Diep

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Stephanie Sandoval